Arizona Nazi Party - Russell Pearce - Jan Brewer

This is what Chicanos in Arizona have to deal with. Our law makers are open Nazis. They don't even try to hide it. The new Holocaust is beginning in Arizona.
We all owe a lot of respect to the Jewish people for dealing with these assholes.They survived the horrors of the Nazi party and now flourish in America.
Chicanos will learn from history and fight to never let it repeat itself here in Aztlan. The genocide of the Native tribes of the Americas will never re-occur.
J.T. Ready, Janet Brewer and Russell Pearce are dangerous people. Not only do they have hate for Chicanos in their heart but they are also willing to put their money where their mouth is.

All Chicanos in Arizona should vote and take advantage of the laws that have been passed here in Arizona, including our very lenient gun laws.

Chicanos, arm yourselves.
Order an AK47

Civil War 2 - Coming to a Theatre Near You.

Chicanos have been killing each other en masse in the American Southwest(Aztlan) since the early Nineteen Eighties. Crack cocaine and black tar heroin were introduced to our Barrios by the CIA. El Camino Real has become Cocaine Alley and the major drug lords in Northern Mexico have capitalized on the demand for illicit drugs by rich and middle class Americans.

Hundreds of Chicanos die each year in gang violence. Is white America outraged at the violence? Simply, the answer is no. When white Americans are murdered, the cause and motive is investigated thoroughly. If it is at the hands of a Chicano, it is made front page news. All life is precious but the life of a Beaner is somehow "less precious". Our deaths are chalked up to "gang violence" and the murderers are rarely brought to justice.

As a result, Chicano culture has become a cannibalistic culture. Jeffrey Dahlmer has nothing on what we do to each other everyday in the streets of Aztlan. We murder at will and offer no apology for the atrocities we rain upon our own people. Drugs, money, power and pride are the primary motives assigned to our own genocide.

Everyone likes to bitch about "illegal immigration" but the truth is, the Gringos are scared to death of our insatiable hunger for money and power. Hedge Funds and Ponzi schemes are child's play. There is a Revolution rumbling in the American Southwest. Aztlan is rising and it is a monster more devastating than Katrina or oil spills. The American way of life is at serious risk when good people turn a blind eye to injustice. A culture that has been feeding off its own hate and oppression can quickly turn its aggression towards another populace.

Beware Godriguez

Chicanos - Arm Yourselves

Life in Aryanzona has just been made a little tougher for Chicanos. The wicked Governor of Arizona just signed the most hateful piece of legislation since Jim Crow. Its 2010 and Juan Crow laws are alive and in full effect. The frijoles have hit the fuckin fan.

Arizona has made it perfectly clear. They hate Chicanos and will stop and nothing, including shredding the beloved Constitution to rid the state of the so called mongrel masses who call themselves Chicanos. Sheriff Arpaio is now free to roam and round up the Beaners without any consequence. Joe Arpaio is about to be indicted for the crimes he has been committing against the Arizona people for 15 years. If he is not brought to justice soon, then action must be taken here in Aztlan.

High powered rifles and stores of ammunition, when purchased legally can deter totalitarianism. Arizona has also passed a series of gun laws recently that encourage the populace to arm themselves. Is it by coincidence that these laws are passed in the same month? If the State of Arizona wants us to buy guns, then maybe we should do it. When Tea Baggers have rallies, they show up with an AK47 but the riot police never intervene. When Chicanos take to the streets to protest, we do so as "peaceful" protesters and they surround us with riot police. Maybe a few AK's in the crowd will keep the pigs at bay.
Remember, when approaching riot police, always wear your gas mask and shoot low.

Godriguez is Born.

Zack De la Rocha and Activists Denounce Joe Arpaio in Phoenix

It's good to see Zack De La Rocha back up the beliefs of Godriguez and the Chicano community in Phoenix, Arizona. Sheriff Joe has been up to this unconstitutional behavior for too long. It will take well known celebrities to speak out against the injustice to bring retribution to the Chicano community here in Maricopa County. Now, where the fuck is George Lopez. I know that foo golfs in Scottsdale all the time. Come on homie. You have a show on TBS. Ask Sheriff Joe to be a guest and ask him some real questions. Lets bring the racism to light.

10,000 marchers, 5 arrests at immigration protest

A group of white agitators disrupted the peaceful march against Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his racial profiling practices. The crowd was sprayed by MCSO officers with pepper spray. Isn't spraying a crowd of Chicanos with pepper spray like spraying mayonnaise on the crowd at a Bruce Springsteen concert?
This situation has become so volatile and insulting that my only way to deal with it is to laugh and make jokes because I do not want to become as angry as I should be. The Chicano populace in Phoenix, AZ is not to be fucked with. A caged animal can only be poked and prodded for so long before it bites and that bite leads to a nation wide infection. Be warned gabachos - America cannot take the heat from a Chicano inferno.

Read the article from AZcentral for all the details Here